Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lladro continued....

I'm sure you all have been waiting on pins and needles, so hold your breath, here is the rest of her-the Lladro bride. Was I right or was I right. Check out those lines. It's like she's carved right out of stone. And I mean that in the warmest way possible :)




So now that you've seen the rest of her, let me share a little about the day.

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enought to share in Rachel and Jon's wedding. I brought along my trusty "professional poser" and best friend Kate. She is flippin' awesome, I couldn't have done it without her. So just a little love to Box-trot before we move on. Love ya lady!


First off, I'm pretty sure that Rachel was right out of America's Next Top Model. She is STUNNING and a perfect "poser". Not to mention that she was totally chill. This is a photographer's dream. Follows instructions, and lets me do whatever I want (hee hee). She was so relaxed and fun. In fact the whole crew was. One of my favorite quotes of the night was when the groom's mom said her family was "shot out of a sugar cannon". Good times...

When bride and groom where together, they were giddy, and totally goofy. They rocked the dance floor and seemed genuinely in love. And I'm totally proud of Jon for allowing us to take some dreaded "groomals". Even if half of them were faces that were reminiscinet of my husband at our wedding. (i.e. totally off his rocker :) ) It was a blast. I loved the casual elegance of the wedding and the awesome couple. They were a riot.

So thanks again guys for trusting me with your special day. Hope you enjoy what we captured....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

out and about...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be in Colorado for a wedding until Sunday and then I'm off for a little vacation with the family until next Saturday. I will be checking emails, so feel free to send them along if you have any questions. I may or may not have my phone, so email will be best.

In the meantime, start getting jazzed (anyone else think of Richard Simmons when I say that?). I have several exciting things coming up including some rockin' sessions to share with you and the release of {drum roll....} a NEW WEBSITE!!! The website is going to be ROCKIN', with some great features like email contact right from the website, private client galleries, and my calendar so you can take a look at what session times are available without even having to call me and hear my voice. {I know some of you are thrilled about that prospect-I'm sure my hubby wishes that could apply to him}

I will continue blogging {and I'll try to post more than just once in a blue moon} even after the launch, so you can still get a sense of my dashing personality {blerg} as I try to contain my wild life.

Keep checking back for updates about launch times, and the possibility of some mystery giveaways for people {chosen at random} who leave comments here on the blog. We photographers love to hear from blog stalkers {call it narcissism}, so here's your incentive.

Now, a post is not a post without a picture so, as a little teaser form this week's wedding {that will be discussed in further detail later-never fear}, does anyone know what a Lladro is? {click on that pretty little colored word to find out} If you do, then you'll have an idea of what's attached to the rest of this dress.


I'm pretty sure this bride was carved right out of stone. But, as a teaser suggests, I'm only showing you the bottom half. You'll just have to come back here if you want to view the rest of this ridiculously gorgeous life size Lladro. Ah, the power I hold.....

*As a p.s., what's the deal with my last post? hmm. I'll check into that...